GPS Filters

IMC is a leader in the design and production of custom GPS filters for any of the GPS bands (L1, L2 or L5). Certain designs are applicable for pre-LNA filtering, featuring low loss and moderate rejections. Other designs are suitable for post-LNA use, and offer high rejections and moderate insertion loss. Custom designs allow you to tailor tradeoffs and target unwanted images and signals. GPS filters come in almost any package style, from SMT to N-connectors.


IMC has a wide variety of L1/L2 GPS Filter, diplexers & dual bands. IMC is generally a custom design filter house but we do have a group of generic catalog filters. If something other than what is listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact IMC with your specific electrical, mechanical, environmental requirements and target pricing. IMC designs all levels of complexity, size and performance Commercial, military and space applications.

GPS has 5 specific bands:

  • • L1 = 1575.42 MHz (Civilian & Military)
  • • L2 = 1227.60 MHz (Civilian & Military)
  • • L3 = 1381.05 MHz (NUDET)
  • • L4 = 1379.9133 MHz (under study)
  • • L5 = 1176.42 MHz (SOL)

L1/L2 diplexer923261connectorized(PDF)
L1/L2 diplexer 917188connectorized(PDF)
L1/L2 diplexer925788connectorized(PDF)
L1/L2 dual band940300connectorized(PDF)
L1 Band reject932677connectorized SMA-F(PDF)
L2 Band reject932678connectorized SMA-F(PDF)
L1/L2 dual band940300connectorized SMA-F(PDF)
L1/L2 dual band938668SMT(PDF)
L1/L2 diplexer938667SMT(PDF)
L1/L2 diplexer938666SMT(PDF)
L2 bandpass938665SMT 3 section(PDF)
L2 bandpass938663SMT 4 section(PDF)
L1 bandpass938661SMT 3 section(PDF)
L1 bandpass938659SMT 4 section(PDF)
L1/L2 Diplexer933418SMT 4mm resonators(PDF)
L1/L2 Dual band933421SMT 5mm resonators(PDF)
L1/L2 Dual band943447SMT 3mm resonators(PDF)
L1/L2 Diplexer943452SMT 2mm resonators(PDF)
L1/L2 Diplexer940158SMT 4mm resonators(PDF)
L1/L2 Diplexer942921SMT 8mm resonators(PDF)
L1 Ceramic Bandpass Filter938657 (PDF)
L1 Ceramic Bandpass Filter938660 (PDF)
L2 Ceramic Bandpass Filter938662 (PDF)
L2 Ceramic Bandpass Filter938664 (PDF)