IMC provides the following services to ensure that your filter is built to withstand your requirements.  To order these services, send us your source control document or contact our sales department,

Electrical Tests and Environmental Screening:

  • Serialized Ambient Testing
  • Serialized Test over Temperature
  • Serialized S-Parameter on electronic media.
  • Mechanical Shock Testing – per MIL-STD 202, method 213 or MIL-STD 883, method 2002 or special request.
  • Thermal Shock/Cycling Testing – per MIL-STD 202, method 107 or MIL-STD 883, method 1011 or special request.
  • Vibration Testing – We offer sine and random vibration testing for each of the three orthogonal axes per MIL-STD 202, method 201 or 204 or MIL-STD 883, method 2026 or special request.
  • Gross Leak Testing – per MIL-STD 202, method 112 or MIL-STD 883, method 1014 or special request.
  • Fine Leak Testing – per MIL-STD 202, method 112 MIL-STD 883, method 1014 or special request.
  • Radiographic – per MIL-STD 202, method 209 or MIL-STD 883, method 2012 or special request.
  • Moisture Resistance – per MIL-STD 202, method 116 or MIL-STD 883, method 1004 or special request.
  • Humidity – per MIL-STD 202, method 103 or special request.
  • Life Test – per MIL-STD 202, method 108 or MIL-STD 883, method 1016 or special request.
  • XRF Test – for material composition.


Quality Assurance:

  • FAI units and Reports – per AS9100.
  • Source and Photo Inspections – Photo Inspections are particularly useful for verifying our quality without extending lead times throughout the build if required.
  • Data Reports – Data Reports provide detailed summaries including photographs of each the visual inspections during and after the build of the filter, test set-ups and test results.
  • Gantt Chart Updates – For critical projects with long lead times, Gantt chart updates can be provided on a weekly or bimonthly basis.



  • ESD – Most of our filters are not ESD sensitive, but ESD sensitive packaging can be provided when necessary or requested by the customer.
  • MIL-STD Packaging
  • Nitrogen Packaging
  • Tape and Reel


ITAR Projects:

  • ITAR- Our products are made at our facility at San Diego, CA. where we are qualified to handle ITAR projects. Send your ITAR requirements to